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The Chronicles of The Duck [entries|friends|calendar]
Evil Ducky

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The Decoy [04 Feb 2005|08:08pm]

Title: The Decoy
By: ~Moonsliver~

Fandom: PoT/Whistle! (ducky-verse)
Rating: PG
Warnings: OOC. Cursing. Genfic.
Words: 1,024
Timeline: A few days after Mutual Suffering.
Archive: duck_tales

Summary: Three rows of yellow ducks, their beaks curled up in pleasant grins, stared back at the two teenage boys.

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Mutual Suffering [29 Dec 2004|11:05am]

Title: Mutual Suffering
By: ~Moonsliver~

Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Whistle! (ducky!verse)
Rating: PG
Pairings: None; genfic.
Warnings: OOC Mizuno, cursing.
Words: 917
Timeline: Sometime after daredtyger’s Practice
Archive: duck_tales

Summary: As Machiavelli said, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and Mizuno and Kamio have a common enemy.

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Bathtime With Eiji [29 Dec 2004|10:59am]

Title: Bathtime With Eiji
By: ~Moonsliver~

Fandom: Prince of Tennis (ducky!verse)
Sequel to Ryoma vs The Duck
Rating: R
Pairings: Oishi/Eiji (unrequited)
Warnings: Masturbation. OOC.
Words: 2,661
Archive: duck_tales

Summary: Eiji needs some privacy, but Ducky has other plans.

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Duck Club [29 Dec 2004|10:57am]

There has been a dearth of duckage lately. v.v;;; Thus, I shall be spamming the comm with three fics today.

Title: Duck Club
by: ~Moonsliver~

Fandom: Prince of Tennis (ducky!verse)
Rating: G
Pairings: None; genfic.
Warnings: Rikkidai. OOC. Outside of any timeline. Unbeta’ed/unedited. Badly done Fight Club ref.
Words: 762
Archive: duck_tales

AN: I took daredtyger’s advice. *coughs* Done to shut Niou the Hell up! >.<***

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[30 Nov 2004|12:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

there has been a sad lack of duckyness lately. so i give you Kenken in the shower! ^_~

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[02 Nov 2004|07:54pm]

Birthday fic for code_renegade

The Great Singapore Duck Race

Cross-posted from strawberryjoy
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Hyotei, AD [25 Oct 2004|09:29pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Title: Hyotei, AD (Hyotei, After Ducky)
by: ~Moonsliver~

Fandom: Prince of Tennis/ducky-verse
Series: Sometime after this story.
Rating: PG
Words: 792
Warnings: Nudity, nothing explict. Unedited/unbeta’ed.
Archive: duck_tales

Summary: “…Hyotei could be overrun by a plague of frogs, and so long as he didn’t see any more rubber ducks again, he’d be happy.“

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[19 Oct 2004|09:56pm]

[ mood | silly ]

"Dance" ducky drabble for aunty ^_~

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PoT Duckage [14 Oct 2004|08:58pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Title: Practice
Fandom: Prince Of Tennis
Rating: G
Author: Daredtygrz
Disclaimer: No pretty boys for me, but will someone please take this damn duckymuse?

Summary: Seigaku witnessess an unusual match.

PracticeCollapse )

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[01 Oct 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | tired ]

quick fic for aunty ^_~

Ducky returns to the past!

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Fuji's Revenge [28 Sep 2004|04:23pm]

[ mood | evil ]

Placed directly after this ficlet

Fuji's Revenge

Setting his bag down on a bench in the clubhouse Tezuka found himself with an arm full of Fuji.

“Did he get my little love note?” Fuji smiled wickedly.

Tezuka sighed. “Yes he did. And he looked quite disturbed and upset. Are you happy with your revenge yet?”

Fuji’s eyes gleamed as they opened. “Not quite yet. We still have a few things left and your spectacular “breakup” to conduct.”

Tezuka shook his head as he held Fuji close. He sighed and thought, oh the things I do for my love.


Over the next week the Hyotei tennis club found ducks everywhere they went. Lockers, backpacks, lunch bags; there was no place safe from little yellow bath toys.

Fuji stepped back and looked at his crowning achievement. Filling Atobe’s car with the ducks had been a brilliant plan. He practically glowed as he walked away from the car.


Later that night a horrified scream echoed around the town as a certain diva broke down and cried.

Across town two blue eyes gleamed with the unholy light of a very happy tensai.

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[28 Sep 2004|07:12pm]


My duckfics, now crossposted here because my lj is friends only. No actual smut but rated M for the occasional adult theme. Pairings are Crawford/Ken (Weiß Kreuz), Atobe/Tezuka (Prince of Tennis) and Atobe/Shige (Prince of Tennis/Whistle!).

YotelCollapse )

YellowCollapse )

Shige and the DuckCollapse )

Bath NightCollapse )

The End of The AffairCollapse )

Tea and SympathyCollapse )

(Introducing) The Braddy Bunch... MovieCollapse )

A Birthday TreatCollapse )
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what started it all... [27 Sep 2004|08:34pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

some of these may be flocked but for the most part they are not ^_^

Where it all started pt 1 strawberryjoy

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The duck returns! daredtygrz


The Duck continues daredtygrz

Yellow strawberryjoy

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The Duck meets Weiss nekofreak (in my writing lj)

all fear the duck! strawberryjoy

Ducky hits new fandoms daredtygrz

and even More fandoms strawberryjoy

Farf gets involved strawberryjoy

Schu meets the Ducky Take 1 daredtygrz

Schu meets the Ducky Take 2 daredtygrz

Ryoma vs The Duck moonsliver

Tezuka vs The Duck nekofreak

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